Spectra-Map Services

Quantitative mineral logging through Imaging spectroscopy

Spectra-Map’s hyperspectral imaging services and products address major limitations of point sampling methods that lead to an under-utilised resource. Using our SpecCam is highly productive in comparison to standard logging techniques, providing high density data and detailed spatial distributions of minerals.

1. Core, or cuttings/chips are placed under the SpecCam without sample preparation

2. Infrared light penetrates the sample. Diffuse reflected light is captured by the camera

3. SWIR spectroscopy measures vibrational bonds of molecules and their overtones

4. Crystalline and amorphous materials are measured using a spectral library

SpecCam HSI is well suited to analysis of cores, cuttings and plugs, generating continuous high density, semi-quantitative mineral data (at mm scale) without sample preparation or damage. Imaging fills the gap between micro and macro scale sampling, and in core provides the ability to see spatial relationships between different minerals and oils.

  • Equipment is fully portable and ruggedised
  • Can operate in any environment
  • In-house software to generate data products at site
  • No compromise in data quality
Core Analysis Icon

Core Analysis

Spatial distribution of minerals and hydrocarbons mapped at sub millimetre scale

Cutting/Chips Analysis

Objectively identify the more prospective intervals and their mineralogies

Data Integration

Integrate mineral data with
other data sets including
wireline and core logs

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Case Studies

Case studies are available on request.

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