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SpecCam IR Imaging Spectrometer

Services Overview

Spectra-Map is an independent company. This allows us to develop and obtain the best tools and skillsets to provide a rapid, efficient and flexible service, without the major overheads of larger organisations. Our equipment is fully portable and ruggedised so we can operate in any environment. In-house software means we can generate data products at site if required, without any compromise in data quality.

A central part of our capabilities is the SpecCam IR imaging spectrometer, a system that was designed in-house to address the needs of the upstream oil and mining sectors. The new SpecCam 4 covers the VNIR and SWIR part of the electromagnetic spectrum from 400 to 2500 nm. Standard pixel size is 0.5mm but different sizes can be offered dependant on requirements.

Imaging spectroscopy addresses 3 major limitations of point sampling techniques – low productivity, inability to show detailed spatial distribution of minerals and low data density. These limitations have direct implications for the reliability and use of these data. Imaging IR spectrometers overcome these limitations and can generate near continuous data, which provides a link between point sampling methods and continuous logs. An added benefit is that no sample preparation is required and there is no sample damage.


Core Analysis

We provide full core imaging and point analyses using multiple hyperspectral techniques, designed to complement each other and ensure the spatial distribution of minerals and hydrocarbons are mapped at sub millimetre scale. Whilst slabbed core is generally the optimal surface to measure, whole core, side wall cores and plugs can all be imaged.


Cuttings/Chips Analysis

Recent advances in instrument sensitivity and software have enhanced the mineral information derived from cuttings. Many companies now routinely measure cuttings from first returns to TD, deriving detailed mineral log profiles that objectively identify the more prospective intervals and their mineralogies. Subtle changes in the chemistry of individual minerals may indicate changes in depositional environment or diagenesis.


Data Integration

Spectra-Map work closely with leading sedimentology and petrophysical consultants to integrate the mineral data with other sources of information including wireline and core logs and other point sampling methods.

A One Meter Section of Drill Core

The image below highlights distribution and grade of a key mineral on a grey scale IR image background.

Mineral Map         Log Profile

Mineral Map and Log Profile

Case Studies

Case studies are available on request.

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